Iguanas & Alligators – Costalegre, Mexico

An interesting relative newcomer to the Costalegre resort scene is Boca de Iguanas just north of the village of Melaque. They may have some work to do to really qualify as an eco-resort, as they boast, however it is an interesting melding of homes, condos and charmingly designed hotel rooms, some with outdoor bathrooms, enormous upstairs terraces and delightful sunken bathtubs. And the location simply can’t be beat.

Located down a meandering dirt road, Boca de Iguanas is right on a fine white sand beach that arcs elegantly and has surf that’s gentle and swimable. For even gentler surf the resort has one of the most beautiful pools we’ve seen.

The pool at Boca de Iguanas.

The gorgeous blue-tiled pool at Boca de Iguanas is a meandering, infinity-edge design that seems to wander right down the beach to the water's edge.

The place isn't called Boca de Iguanas for nothing.

The resort isn't called Boca de Iguanas for nothing.

The beach at Boca de Iguanas.

The beach at Boca de Iguanas.

Warning signs!

Warning signs!

This is why they have warning signs, one of the crocodiles that lives in the area.

Those warning signs aren't up simply because they're cute. This is just one of the crocodiles that live in the area.



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