Weeeeee!!!! – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

For a taste of the action outside Puerto Vallarta, we went on Vallarta Adventures’ Outdoor Adventure trip since it seemed to offer a bit of everything.

Their Outdoor Adventure course includes eight zip lines up to 650 feet long and 250 feet off the ground totalling about three quarters of a mile of zip line. Then there are the four rappels, including one that drops 100 feet down the face of a waterfall, and a free-fall rappel off a platform, Special Forces style. Did we mention the whole gig starts off with a speed boat ride before boarding a 4X4 Unimog followed by a mule ride  2,000 feet up into the Sierra Madre Occidental where the course begins?

The guides were great (young, well-trained, great English) and the course was fast-paced and just heart-thumping enough. The jungle  was gorgeous and the gear and safety standards were impressive. Outdoor Adventure guides have to complete 250 hours of specialized training before they can go out with clients and Vallarta Adventures’ trips have recieved the highest safety certification.

With safety out of the way, it was time to have some fun, as these photos show.

Clipped into the zip line.

Clipped onto the zip line. Vallarta Adventures actually uses double clips for double safety.

Eric flying down the 1st of 8 zip lines.

Eric flying down the first of eight zip lines.

At 250 feet high, this is one of the highest zip lines anywhere.

At 250 feet off the ground, this is one of the highest zip lines anywhere.

Karen on one of three rappels

Karen smiling her way down one of three rappels. And she hates heights!

Soaked in a waterfall at the bottom of a rappel.

Soaked in a waterfall at the bottom of a rappel.

Eric on a high rappel

Eric on a high rappel.



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