Bringing the Wine Home

As you know, we’re roughly three years into the Trans-Americas Journey–our five year 200,000 mile working road trip through North, Central and South America. And it’s cool as hell. But last month we were tempted with an opportunity worth putting our little Journey on hold for.

The Murphy-Goode Winery in Sonoma County, California is looking for a Wine Lifestyle Correspondent for six months (learn more about what the heck we’re talking about here). Essentially, they need someone (in our case, two someones since we’re applying together) to learn more about wine and meet other wine lovers and potential wine lovers then blog, vlog, write, photograph, film and social media the heck out of the experience in order to promote wine in general and the Murphy-Goode and Sonoma County brands in specific.

The biggest part of the application process, so far, is a 60 second video that we produced and submitted. Check it out and vote for us if you can. It’s funny, even according to non-relatives, and it’s  just a minute long, so there’s not much risk on your end.


Learn more about us and the making of our video

So for the past six weeks or so we’ve been doing what we normally do–blogging, making videos, twittering, reaching out to our fan base and friends and family online, maintaining a blog and building out our web site and drinking wine–but with the focus shifted to this new and exciting goal.

One of the happy new connections we’ve made during the Murphy-Goode Wine Lifestyle Correspondent application process is Andrea over Andy’s Goode Life who’s been gracious enough to publish a few guest posts from us about how to achieve Brand Believablity and Consumer Credibility, why V is for  Vaynerchuk, Not Vino and Bringing the Wine Home: Passion in the Passing Lane. She also recently threw down a bit of a wine challenge, asking for solutions to one of three specific wine-consumption conundrums. It’s the least we can do, so here’s our answer to her #1 question…

Q: When I drink red wine, I often get the dreaded “red wine teeth,” which is an embarrassing condition to have at a party when I intend on talking, smiling, or otherwise showing my newly wine-stained chompers. And is there any way to reduce this affliction without hampering my enjoyment of reds?

A: Rinse with white.

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