Swine Flu Fashion – Queretaro, Mexico

Near the tail end (get it) of the whole hysterical and (in our opinion) unfounded swine flu mess in Mexico where it all began, we found ourselves walking down Calle 5 de Mayo in Queretaro. As we passed an ultra-hip, fashionable clothing store the window display caught our eye. There, next to dangerously low-riding jeans and pricey canvas handbags, was a t-shirt with an adorable pig on the front (shades of Charolette’s Web) captioned with the words el cerdo es inocente (the pig is innocent).

We balked at the roughly $15 price tag, then we saw the model number: Virus H1N1.


The Pig Is Innocent!

The Pig Is Innocent! Eric’s new favorite t-shirt, bought in Quertaro, Mexico and shot in front of the main cathedral in Zacatecas, Mexico from the balcony of awesome room 404 at the Santa Rita Hotel.



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