Grand Canyon Slideshow Surprise

We would probably have never known about it had Karen’s parents not taken a trip to the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. But they did (had a ball, by the way) and one night after dinner in the gorgeous lodge right on the canyon rim they wandered into a room where a ranger was about to present a slideshow about his favorite part of the north rim area, a remote region called Toroweap.

Imagine their surprise when a number of the images in the slide who were picture we’d taken of OUR TRUCK during our visit to Toroweap back in October 2008. Imagine our surprise when they told us about it.

Looks like someone at the park reads our web site and decided to borrow some pictures. We are, of course, flattered and we’re always happy to help the National Park Service in any way we can and we certainly believe that more people need to know about the amazing Toroweap area. It just would have been nice if someone had asked first…


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