Where We’ve Been – January 2011 Road Trip Driving Route

Thanks to our SPOT Satellite Messenger you can see our exact Trans-Americas Journey road trip driving route. Below is a map of where we drove in Guatemala in January 2011.

We started the New Year on a high (over 10,000 ft) in the Western Highlands of  Guatemala where we celebrated the first day of the new year with drunken revelry (theirs, not ours) in Todos Santos and then drunken horse racing in a nearby village. After traveling around the Western Highlands we returned to Panajachel on beautiful Lake Atitlan before finally getting to lovely La Antigua Guatemala. With our Guatemalan visas running out we decided to make a bee-line back to Belize where we crossed the border into San Ignacio. From there we traveled through the Mountain Pine Ridge area where we stayed at two wonderful (and very different hotels and visited the ancient Mayan city of Caracol.

Zoom in, move around, check out the ruins in satellite view and have fun!


January 2011 Driving Route – Guatemala and Belize


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