Soccer Sharks & Bands in the Stands – Veracruz, Mexico

As we pulled up to the Hotel Playa (one of the best budget accommodations in Veracruz because it’s right on the waterfront and rooms start at 300 pesos) we immediately bumped into Juan, the hotel’s owner. He very kindly gave us two tickets to see the local soccer team, the Tiburones Rojos (red sharks), take on the Cancun’s Atlante team that evening.

Despite the fact that we had nothing red to wear, we took him up on his offer. Giant cups of beer and the non-stop playing of fans who form bands in the stands ensued. Tip: don’t chose a bleecher seat directly in front of one of these horn-and-drum noise-making machines. They’re VERY enthusiastic.

Sadly, the Tiburones lost anyway.


The Tiburones stadium in Veracruz, Mexico--refreshing to go to a stadium that hasn't been co-opted by a corporation.

Tiburones fans just want to bang on the drum all day. And they do.


Check out the bands in the stands and some Mexican futbol in our video, below.




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