Photo Essay: Colombia’s Caño Cristales “Liquid Rainbow” River

Located in the vast and rarely visited Los Llanos area in Colombia, Caño Cristales has been called the river of five colors and the liquid rainbow. It’s also been called the most beautiful river in the world. We’ve seen a lot of rivers on our Trans-Americas Journey and we’re inclined to agree. It’s not easy to reach and, until the mid 2000s, wasn’t even open to tourism because of FARC activity. Those who do make it to the small town of La Macarena, the gateway for Caño Cristales, between June and November are rewarded with a natural spectacle not seen anywhere else in the world as rare and delicate water plants explode with color, flooding the already lovely river with red, blue, green, orange and yellow hues. Shades of red and green are most common, as you will see in our photo essay.

Cano-Cristales_Colombia IMG_2961 Liquid-rainbow-cano-Cristales-Colombia River-of-Five-Colors_-Macarena-Colombia Cano-Cristales_Macarena-Meta-Colombia Cano-Cristales-color-river IMG_3279 Cano-Cristales-Waterfall Cano-Cristales-rainbow-river IMG_3135 cano-Cristales-multicolored-river Cano-Cristales-plants Macarenia-clavigera Colombia-colored-River_Cano-Cristales


Check out this feature we did for BBC Travel for more about travel to Caño Cristales including how to get there, local legends, awesome community tourism and just a touch of science.


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