Photo Essay: The Best Wax Palms in Colombia Aren’t in the Cocora Valley

The Cocora Valley near Salento is famous for its wax palms which are the tallest palms on the planet and the national tree of Colombia. However, the best wax palms in Colombia exist one valley over and you can see them during a bouncy, dusty jeep ride from Salento along the road to Finca La Carbonera. We visited the area twice and here are our favorite photos of these amazing stands of wax palms. Don’t miss our drone footage at the end of the post for a birds-eye-view of these awesome palms.

Finding the best wax palms in Colombia

To get to these wax palms, hire a Jeep taxi in the square in Salento for the three hour round trip drive up above Salento along a dirt road toward La Carbonera and back down again (150,000 COP or about US$50 round trip for the whole jeep which will seat five people in addition to the driver, allow four to five hours for the full excursion). Here you’ll find much larger, denser groups of palms than you’ll ever see in the more famous Cocora Valley. Enjoy!

Willy's Jeep Yipao from Salento, Colombia to La Carbonera Wax Palms Salento La Carbonera

Wax Palms La carbonera Salento Cocora Valley Colombia

Wax Palms La carbonera, Colombia

Palma de cera Cocora valley La Carbonera Colombia

Wax Palms Palma de Cera Colombia

Salento La Carbonera, Colombia Colombia Wax Palms Salento La Carbonera, Colombia

La Carbonera, Colombia Hillside of wax palms

Finca La Carbonera, Colombia Palma de cera, Colombia

Wax Palms Colombia Wax Palms La carbonera Cocora Valley Colombia

Armadillo Colombia

If you’re lucky your Jeep taxi driver may find and capture a wild armadillo along the way too.

Get a birds-eye-view of these amazing trees in our drone travel footage, below, taken over the wax palms near La Carbonera.

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