Facts, Figures and Fascinating Fauna – Antarctica

One of the most popular areas of our web site is the Facts & Figures page and for all you numbers junkies out there we’ve just updated it to reflect our new total days on the road (1,341), amount spent on fuel so far (don’t ask), number of Mexican states visited (28 out of 32 so far),  up to the minute route maps and more fun ways to waste time at the office.

We also added dozens of new wild animal sightings (from spotted eagle rays to occelated turkeys to a tiger rat snake). This got us even more excited about our upcoming opportunity to add penguins to that list during our Antarctic Dream adventure to the world’s 7th continent from November 7-17. Would they fall under the “land” or “water” category?

Anyway, don’t forget about the EXCLUSIVE 30% OFF DISCOUNT we secured for any friends, family, fans or followers who want to join us on the small, full-service Antarctic Dream boat for this once-in-a-lifetime sailing!

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Our Antarctic Dream: Exclusive 30% Discount So You Can Come Too!

Why should we have all the fun? We shouldn’t! That’s why we’ve secured an exclusive (and impressive) 30% discount for any friends, family, fans and followers of our Trans-Americas Journey who want to  join us on the November 7-17 sailing of the 80 passenger luxury boat the Antarctic Dream as we journey from Ushuaia, Argentina through the infamous Drake Passage, out to Peterman Island and back to Ushuaia with many stops for penguins and whale watching and land excursions along the way.

This 10 day all-inclusive trip is the first sailing of the season and it promises plenty of icebergs, endless vistas, wildlife and beautifully pristine landings that haven’t been all  muddied-up by other visitors yet.

Yes, even at 30% off a sailing to the Antarctic is still an expensive trip. However, it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, an exclusive discount like this doesn’t happen every day and the intimately-sized and plushly appointed Antarctic Dream is a great way to go (these guys even provide extreme outdoor gear!).

Make your reservation online or call toll free from the US 877-AD TRIPS (238-7477). Be sure to let them know you want the exclusive “Trans-Americas Journey Road Trip to the Antarctic” discount when you book. A non-refundable deposit of US$1,500 must be paid before September 30 in order to secure your reservation.

Can’t make the November 7 sailing? Antarctic Dream is also offering 10% off for early bird bookings for their 2011 – 2012 season with a paid deposit by March 31st.

photos courtesy of Antarctic Shipping S.A

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Our Antarctic Dream: The Future is Now

A big part of the point of our Trans-Americas Journey (yes, there’s a point) is our goal of driving from the Arctic (check) to Tierra Del Fuego (working on it) and back again–stopping everywhere in between.

For years we’ve dreamed of hopping on a boat to Antarctica once our road trip finally reaches Ushuaia, Argentina at the bottom of South America where the road pretty much ends and where most Antarctic trips depart from. Since, at the (slow) rate we’re going, it’ll still be years before our road trip reaches Ushuaia, this dream has been something to look forward to–a very large prize at the southern-most point of a very large road trip.

Well, surprise!

The opportunity has come up to realize that dream sooner than we’d dared hope. On November 7 (yes, of THIS year) we’ll be boarding the Antarctic Dream for a 10 day trip to Antarctica! Penguins! Icebergs! More icebergs! Really puffy coats!  That damned Drake Passage! We will, of course, be covering the whole experience in newspaper stories and blog posts.

We’ll also be announcing some very exciting and exclusive opportunities for friends, fans and followers of the Trans-Americas Journey, so if getting to the 7th continent your dream too, stay tuned to find out how you can join us!

photos courtesy of Antarctic Shipping S.A

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