Our Latest Work: Manaus, Lima, the Galapagos, Machu Picchu & More…

We just realized that we haven’t published a post about Our Latest Work in a really, really long time. We can fix that. Our most recent freelance travel stories are about Lima, Peru for the Delta Sky Magazine, Manaus, Brazil for CNN Travel, and the Che Guevara trail in Bolivia for the website for the Biography channel.

Delta Sky Magazine - Lima

If you’re on a Delta Airlines flight this month, check our first story for Delta Sky Magazine which where to eat, sleep, and enjoy in three great neighborhoods in Lima. Or read it here

CNN Manaus

This guide to the best things to do in Manaus, Brazil is our first story for CNN Travel. 


Bio.com che in Bolivia

On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the death of Che Guevara, Bio.com published our story about touring the tiny Bolivian town where he was secretly buried


T+L Guide to galapagos Islands

Here are some favorite stories of ours which were published earlier in the year, including our all new Travel Guide to the Galapagos Islands for Travel + Leisure


Good - Peruvian chef Ocampo

We were delighted to write about Peruvian Chef Palmiro Ocampo and his quest to reduce food waste and hunger for Good magazine. 


T+L Guide to Machu Picchu

We also updated Travel+ Leisure’s Travel Guide to Machu Picchu, Peru’s most famous (and most complicated) destination. 


Afar - Travel Fails

Then there was our quick and funny (we hope) piece about real-life Travel Fails for Afar magazine. 


And if going green (er) is your thing, check out our story about cutting-edge eco measures in the Galapagos which was published in newspapers across Canada. 


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Our Latest Work: FARC Rebels in Colombia, Al Capone in Panama, Zorro in Ecuador & Central American hotels galore

We are very proud to have our first piece published in The Wall Street Journal Magazine. It’s all about the Usaquen neighborhood of Bogotá. We’re also proud to be part of a brand new website called NewWorlder.com. They’re publishing super smart stuff about food, travel, politics and more in Latin America. The site is the perfect home for our piece about our recent Breakfast with the FARC rebels in Colombia.

WSJ Magazine - Neqigborhood watch Usaquen, Bogota, Colombia

We spent New Year’s Eve on Al Capone’s former rum-running boat in Panama for the Biography Channel’s website. And we continue to contribute to The Wayfarer on the Afar magazine website. Check out our story about an annual horse race in Ecuador that involves hunting Zorro on horseback and our roundup of the right Hacienda hotels for every type of traveler to Ecuador.
Afar Magazine - Zorro EcuadorWe also created a seven part series for the Shermans Travel Blog covering our top hotel recommendations (from budget to splurge) in each of the countries in Central America. So far they’ve published our stories about hotels in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Panama. Stay tuned for our hotel recommendations in Belize and Guatemala, coming soon!


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Our Latest Work: On the Road with “On the Road,” Drunken Horse Racing, Inside a Pottery House & More

A diverse batch of our latest published work includes a classic of modern North American literature, drinking hooch out of a canoe in Mexico, an enormous pottery house in Colombia, a track side vantage point for some drunken horse racing in Guatemala and more. Let’s get started.

It’s hard to believe, but Karen had never read the ultimate ode to the road, Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road.” That changed with this assignment for Bio.com (the website for the Biography Channel) to explore all the ways in which “On the Road” is still able to inspire road trip fever.

Kerouac On the Road Bio.com

Our second piece for RoadsandKingdoms.com had us remembering slimy, sour balche, fermented in a wooden canoe the traditional way by the Lacandon people Mexico.

Lacandon balche Roads & Kingdoms

Our first two pieces for AtlasObscura.com take you to the “track” for an afternoon of drunken horse racing in Guatemala and inside a huge pottery house, perhaps the largest piece of pottery in the world, in Colombia.

Drunken Horse racing Guatemala

Still in Colombia, we came up with 10 Things To Know About Travel in Colombia and your guide to 72 Hours in Cartagena.



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Our Latest Work: Diving in the Galapagos, Colombia’s Best New Hotel of the Year (so far), One Fascinating Border, and Beer

Our latest work includes freelance travel stories about luxury diving in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, the best new hotel of the year (so far) in Colombia, why you’ll want to linger around the border between Colombia and Ecuador plus Latin food (and beer!) coverage galore. Let’s get started.

We love the idea of Adventurous Luxury so we were glad to contribute this piece about the unconventional luxuries on a live aboard dive boat in the Galapagos Islands to the April issue of Luxe Beat magazine which is all about adventurous luxuries around the world.




When we stumbled upon the brand new Hacienda Bueanvista Hotel in the coffee region of Colombia (thanks Aunt B!) we knew we had to tell everyone about it. Here’s our review of the best new hotel of the year in Colombia (so far) for Shermans Travel.

Hacienda Buenavista Colombia

The view from the infinity pool at the best new hotel of the year in Colombia (so far).

The only reason to stop at most borders is to get your passport stamped and move on as quickly as possible. However, the few miles between Ipiales, Colombia and Tulcan, Ecuador you will find two reasons to linger including a very unlikely church and a very high-maintenance cemetery. Both are worth a visit, as we explain in our very first piece for the Atlas Obscura website.


And we keep raving about the food and drink scene in Colombia with new pieces about the acclaimed chef Leonor Espinosa, the queen of Colombian cuisine, the expanding world of Colombia’s Rausch brothers and a look at the many microbrewery beer tours in Medellin.


Visit our Travel Features page and our Hotel & Restaurant Reviews page to see all of our freelance travel stories. 


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Our Latest Work: Eating & Drinking in Colombia, Ecuador’s Last Iceman, and Luxury Comfort Food

We been on a roll in Colombia…probably a Kaiser roll. The restaurant and chef scene there proved so tasty that we extended our stay and got to work on a bunch of freelance travel stories about the cuisine scene in the country’s capital for The Latin Kitchen including top tips for surviving Andres Carne de Res Colombia’s Craziest Restaurant (part of the madness is pictured below), how one Colombian chef has transplanted the best of Brooklyn in Bogotá, the secret history of a traditional drink called Tomaseca, a look at Colombia’s first celebrity chef, Harry Sasson, and his latest restaurant, where to find North American favorite foods in Bogota (from chicken and waffles to real BBQ), one chef’s best picks in Cali and our picks for what to eat and drink in Cartagena.

Andres carne de res Chia Bogota, Colombia

You definitely need our guide for surviving this restaurant…

Then we moved on to Cali where we covered the NOW Hotel in our first piece for a cool hotel review site called A Hotel Life. Back in the US (intellectually speaking), we also did our first piece for Life Refined, all about unexpected comfort food in the US.

Now Hotel Cali review Hotel Life

When we weren’t eating and sleeping our way around Colombia we found time to answer some probing questions for this interview with Chris Guillebeau and landed a spot on FlipKey’s list of Top 25 Couples Travel Blogs to Follow in 2014 (though, seriously, we hope you follow us this year too).

Ecuador Iceman Chimborazo

Meet the last iceman of Ecuador.

We also told the tale of Ecuador’s last iceman and his epic struggle with a glacier for Zozi Journal. If you’re only going to read one piece, make it this one.

Visit our Travel Features page and our Hotel & Restaurant Reviews page to see all of our freelance travel stories. 


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Our Latest Work: An SATW Win, Colombia’s “Liquid Rainbow”, Best Bed in Bogota, and Luxury on the Rails in Ecuador

You know what makes travel journalists like us happy? New outlets for our freelance travel stories and we’ve got two to tell you about this month. But first, something that makes us even happier: We’re delighted to let you know that the Selling Pablo feature we did about Pablo Escobar tourism in Colombia just won an Honorable Mention in the Foreign Travel category of the prestigious Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) 2014 Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Awards. We want to thank the awesome editors at the wonderful Roads & Kingdoms website for the chance to tell this story.

2014 Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) Foundation 30th Annual Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award winner logo

And now, our latest freelance travel stories

Our very first piece for the BBC Travel website is all about a stunning natural wonder in Colombia that’s been off limits for years. See why Caño Cristales, aka the “Liquid Rainbow,” is like no other river in the world.

travel to Cano Cristales on BBCCano Cristales on BBC

We’re also thrilled to be contributing hotel reviews to Luxe Beat Magazine. Our first is all about the beautiful B.O.G. Hotel in Bogotá, Colombia which was inspired by the city’s amazing gold museum and is home to the most luxurious showers in Colombia.


Speaking of luxurious, we spent four days on the Tren Crucero in Ecuador with white glove service on board and culture-rich stops along the way from Quito in the Andes down to the Pacific. See for yourself in our piece for the Dallas Morning News.

Travel Tren Crucero Ecuador - Dallas Morning News

Our work for our latest corporate partner, Boiron (makers of all-natural health remedies including Oscillo and Arnicare) continues to roll out as well. Check out the video we made for Boiron from some of our favorite locations in Colombia and Ecuador. Bonus: we crash an Andean wedding…


Visit our Travel Features page and our Hotel & Restaurant Reviews page to see all of our freelance travel stories. 


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