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Bend and Sisters, OR   08/08-10/08 (Day 665-667)
Too Kute

Three Sisters mountains OR
The Three Sisters behind someone’s creative meadow art.

We’re not sure how or why it’s taken us this long to spend a night in a KOA, but it has. However, that’s about to change. After a night in the Tumalo State Park just outside Bend, Oregon—where we add to our swiftly expanding Brewpub Coaster Collection with some new additions from the local Deschutes Brewery Brew Pub—we head to the Sisters/Bend KOA .

Koosah Falls OR
Koosah Falls.

The place is in the final stages of what looks like some pretty big renovations and most improvements seem to be done except final landscaping (the grass isn’t in yet, as they tell us when we make our reservation, but there are plenty of nice big trees). It also has a small and basic putt-putt golf course ($2) and a pool, though the hot tub was closed.

This KOA's best assets are a little lake with some sites around it and one of the cheapest ($1 per washer) and fastest (super hot dryers) laundry rooms we’ve ever used—a good thing since we’d really let the dirty clothes pile up. We also love that we can see the Three Sisters Mountains in the not-so-distant distance right from our campsite.

Newberry National Volcanic Monument
A highlight of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument, near Bend, is The Big Obsidian Flow trail which passes through enormous and beautiful chunks of jet black obsidian.

Lee at the front desk is very helpful and full of recommendations of hikes and waterfalls and hot springs to check out. She also tips us off to the fact that the road we’d planned to take over the McKenzie Pass is closed as forestry crews try to get a beetle infestation under control.

Paulina Lake in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument.
Paulina Lake in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument.

The nearby town of Sisters, while all-in-all a bit too cute for us, is home to the Sno-Cap, an Oregon homemade ice cream institution and the place we stop at 10 am on our way out of town for a cup of blackberry ice cream goodness. Hey, it’s got fruit and milk just like breakfast, right?

Airstream Westfir (Office) Covered Bridge
Our Airstream crosses the Westfir (Office) Covered Bridge.



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