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Sacramento, CA   09/03/08 (Day 691)
Foolproof Fuel

It seems like we’ve got about a thousand modifications to make to our truck as we prepare to cross the border into Mexico and then begin the Central and South American legs of our Trans-Americas Journey.

We just knocked that number all the way down to 999, however, with the installation of a brand new hand-crafted Nicktane fuel filter installed by Ken Imler Diesel, the kind of legendary diesel engine guru that people drive for miles (we did) to visit so they can have their trucks worked on in his shop in Sacramento.

What our Nicktane filter does, essentially, is super-filter our fuel to ensure that any water or other gunk in it doesn’t reach the engine where it could do real damage. Don’t freak out. Dangerous fuel is not such a concern here in the US, but it’s something that could really derail us in Central and South America where dirty fuel is often the norm.

Now we’re heading slowly but sure to the border confident that our truck can deal with any fuel we throw at it. Whether we get through the 999 other things on our list is less assured…

Niktane Fuel filter
Having our Nicktane Fuel Filter installed at Ken Imler Diesel in Sacramento.



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