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Buda, TX  12/09/08 (Day 788)
So Long Shiny Silver Friend

We cry a little bit the day we return our Safari SE to Airstream, as agreed, at the end of our loan period. The nice folks at Camper Clinic II in Buda, Texas, where we drop off our trailer, make it as easy as they can. They even try distracting us by letting us poke around in their massive inventory of Airstream models, including the cavernous new Pan-American.

But when the paperwork is done and we pull away from the lot without that iconic silver bullet behind us the paintful reality sinks in: our Amazing Airstream Adventure is over.

Airstream Monument Valley UT

But what an adventure it’s been! Nearly half a year of full-timing in a 23’ 2008 Safari SE has given us access to places and people we never would have encountered otherwise. It’s also meant that we’ve greatly extended the amount of time our Trans-Americas Journey has been able to spend exploring the US by saving us a ton of money we’d otherwise have had to shell out on motel rooms and restaurant meals. You’d be amazed how much that all adds up.

Trans-Americas Journey 23' Airstream Safari SE

So our Trans-Americas Journey has lost its temporary travel trailer team mate. We’re sure there are going to be many times we’ll look into our side-view mirrors and long to see our Safari rolling along behind us, but the Trans-Americas Journey itself will continue to roll on as planned—into Mexico, then further south through all of Central and South America.

In the meantime, please enjoy some of our favorite Airstream images from the past six months.

Airstream Monument Valley UT Airstream Redwoods CA
Airstream Chaco Canyon NM Airstream Bonneville Salt Flats UT
Airstream Olympic National Park WA Airstream Black Rock desert NV
Airstream Death Valley CA Airstream Mount Saint Helens WA - Bigfoot
Airstream Las Vegas NV Airstream Zion National Park, UT
Airstream Alabama Hills CA - Mount Whitney Airstream Loke Powel AZ - Wahweap Marina UTl
Airstream Hite Overlook UT



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