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Chatanooga, TN   04/26/06 (Day 1)
Better Late Than Never

Two days behind schedule, we depart New Jersey. Defying our stated aim of avoiding highways on this journey, we made an interstate bee-line toward New Orleans. After all, Jazz Fest waits for no man. Not to mention the fact that we had tickets to the Garage A Medeski show aboard the Cajun Queen river boat for tomorrow night. Along the way we whizzed through many southeastern locales (who knew Chattanooga really does have a Choo Choo and Knoxville has a really great brew pub?) we will surely have to visit again when we can stay a while.

It was nice to be driving among so many other trucks instead of sticking out like a big black sore thumb on the streets of Manhattan. And speaking of trucks, ours is surprisingly fun to drive—except for parking which is an art unto itself in a 21 foot long vehicle with a rear view mirror that’s blocked by a big cap on the back. What isn’t so fun is the ever-rising price of gas which adds up to almost $100 (and counting) to fill up our 34 gallon tank. Even though we’re getting surprisingly good mileage considering all the weight we’re carrying, that still hurts.

BTW: We really do need to come up with a name for the truck so we can stop calling her “the truck.” Feel free to email any brilliant suggestions to us at . Credit will be given where credit is due.

Thirteen hours later we stop for the night in Chatanooga, TN in the kind of cheap motel room that makes you reluctant to take your shoes off. Ever. Ah, the road.

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