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New Iberia, LA   05/23/06 (Day 28)



We’ve spent 28 days in Louisiana and she still has a few surprises for us before we move on, including a good old fashioned inmate prison work crew in their black and white stripes and the best shrimp po-boy yet at Bon Creole Cafe in New Iberia. We also see our first wild armadillo, even if is just a passing glance as we speed walk back to our truck after foolishly attempting to hike on an un-kept trail in the Indian Bayou in the heart of the Athcafalaya swamp.

Administered by the Army Corps of Engineers, the Indian Bayou area is primarily used for hunting deer, hogs, rabbits and the like. But the real big game, if you ask us, are the mosquitoes that swarmed around us in such numbers that we felt like those hapless lab workers who are somehow coerced into sticking their hands into glass containers full of the little biters as a demonstration for a nature show or to prove how effective a particular repellent is. We can report that our repellent, with 30% DEET, was effective enough to get us back to the safety of our truck without needing a transfusion. Barely.

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