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Taylor, MS   05/25/06 (Day 30)

Who’s Hungry?


Now, it’s been pointed out to us that we write an awful lot about what we’re eating along the way. We retort that any road trip worth the name is as much to do with food as anything else, especially when you’re within driving distance of Taylor Grocery in Taylor, MS (and by driving distance we mean anywhere within a 300 mile radius).

Famous for their catfish, we sit down with pretty powerful expectations, and we are not disappointed. Light, flaky, delicious. But the real stars on the plate are three bite-size, perfectly fried hush puppies. Not too sweet (an all too common mistake), not too greasy and not too crunchy—but also not wet in the middle either.

When we compliment the puppies as we pay our bill, the woman behind the cash register beams and thanks us. “It’s my secret recipe,” she says. “And it’s a good thing you came at lunch, because we don’t serve them at dinner.” Make a note and thank us later.




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