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Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada  06/10/06 (Day 46)
Water, Water Everywhere

Unlike the US side of the falls, which has to abide by strict development restrictions since it’s part of the State Parks system, the Canadian side of the falls apparently has free reign to build and flog whatever it wants­ and the place has gone hog wild. But get beyond the onslaught of wax museums, neon signs, ice cream vendors and kids on leashes and the Canadian side of the falls offers a very, very different and worthy view of all that water. That’s because from this side, the dramatic Horseshoe Falls is entirely visible so you get the full impact of its size, sound and spray.

Part of the fun is crowd watching as a veritable UN of tourists clamors for rail space to take the perfect shot of Sanjey or Ivan or Miguel or Suki with the falls in the background. Even if you aren’t tempted to stay in one of the lodging establishments surrounding the falls (smart), stay until dusk, when those wily Canadians put on a massive light show, illuminating the American falls and the Canadian falls in a slowly rotating rainbow of colors that ranges from white to pinks to yellows to blues. It’s elegant and exciting and just one more good reason to get a passport!

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