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Calumet, Michigan  06/21/06 (Day 57)

Blessed Breakfast


It’s the first day of summer and it seems appropriate that we are waking up with a hangover in a town that we were “just passing through.” By 7 am the backup beeps of trucks being used by a road crew working right under our window make sleep impossible, so we head out in search of breakfast and find ourselves on gorgeous local byways, one of which delivers us to The Jampot.

Run by monks of the nearby Society of St. John, The Jampot sells more than a dozen different varieties of monk-made jams, jellies and spreads ranging from the traditional (raspberry, marmalade) to exotic recipes based around a seasonal wild fruit, the huckleberry, that has a cult-like following. In fact, there are so many jams that the monk in charge of stirring the jampot at The Jampot has developed carpal tunnel syndrome.

The tiny wooden shop also sells an awful lot of booze-soaked cakes but it’s not even 11 am yet, so we opt for a non-alcoholic muffin (which is twice as big as a fist). As we pay the fully-robed monk behind the cash register (weird), we notice a sign in the kitchen behind him which shows a proto-typical image of a bright red Satan (complete with pitch fork) encased in a circle and a slash (brilliant).

When we return to Calumet at the end of the day we discover that a sudden thunderstorm has knocked out power to most of the region. Thankfully, it stays light until after well after 10 pm at this time of year in this part of the country.


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