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Fargo, ND to Mitchell, SD to Chamberlain, SD   07/01/06 (Day 67)

I Don’t Mean to Burst Your Bubble, But…


…that Cohen Brothers movie we all know and love was not filmed in Fargo. Nevertheless, the city turns out to be surprisingly interesting and bigger than we’d anticipated. There’s an interesting, old, historic downtown and some beautifully restored neighborhoods. Plus, we are there the day Scheel’s, the self-proclaimed “world’s largest outdoor store” opens. Of course we have to check it out (we could use some more Coleman fuel and dehydrated meals anyway), and it is pretty darn big. Put it this way there’s a Ferris wheel in the first floor lobby. Weirdly, there are also statues of US Presidents scattered around the cavernous store.

We hit 10,000 miles in Fargo as well and celebrate by filling our Silverado up with supreme instead of regular. It takes so little to make her happy, really. Then it’s on to the world famous Mitchell Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. This year’s theme is rodeo and it really is amazing to see so many dried ears of corn put to such artistic use. But, truth be told, they cheat a bit by filling in the blanks with plenty of sorghum as well. Amazingly, the site is still totally free which makes it great value for money.

On the road again the state’s relentless road safety campaign, which places red and black signs that say  “Think! X Marks the Spot” on the sites of fatal crashes (one for each victim), is really starting to be a downer.

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