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Yellowstone National Park to Jackson, WY   07/09/06 (Day 75)

Lucky, Lucky, Lucky


Worried about the wolf pup left behind by its pack, we get up at 5:15 and park out on the Lamar Valley road in Yellowstone National Park, hoping for a sighting. A passing ranger gives us an approving nod as we quietly set up our Coleman Road Trip Grill on the tailgate of our Silverado and boil water for coffee.

The wolf geeks have been here for ages already and (happily for the wolves, but sadly for us) they inform us that we just missed the rescue. As amazed wolf geeks looked on through high powered scopes and slightly dewey eyes, a pair of female wolves returned to the Lamar Valley and collected the lone little pup, which is now out of danger, but probably grounded for wandering away and scaring his mother like that. Talk about lucky.

With wolf worries off our minds, we have another stunning day in Yellowstone, sighting a black bear with a cub, our first grizzly--way off across the valley on a hillside--and many, many elk. As we meander out of the park we stop at a spot aptly called the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River and watch a bald eagle shade and fan her chicks with her enormous, elegant wings. It looks like she’s doing ballet, perched high above the raging river.

And to cap off this incredibly lucky day, we get to go from great camping in one of the world’s best national parks straight to a great room in one of the best world’s best hotels. However, we don’t have a chance to shower in between…

Luckily (again), the folks at the Amangani in Jackson, Wyoming don’t seem to notice, or perhaps they’ve just been trained to hide it well (read Karen’s full review of the Amangani for iTraveliShopcom).

We check into the hotel on a Sunday, which is pizza night at a Jackson restaurant called the Old Yellow Garage (OYG). This is an awesome culinary event that involves an endless selection of different wood-fired pizzas. Take a slice of anything that interests you and rest assured that new gourmet variations are on their way to your table. Unfortunately, we realize that it’s pizza night way too late to get a reservation (even the Amangani concierge can’t get us a table).  We’re pretty lucky, but we’re not THAT lucky….

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