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Jackson, WY   07/11/06 (Day 77)
Sophisticated Cowboys

That’s exactly what you’ll feel like when you stay at Spring Creek Ranch which is run by the most sophisticated cowboy of them all, Stephen Price (you’d never guess he’s from New Jersey).

We check into Spring Creek for a night (read Karen’s review of Spring Creek Ranch for iTraveliShop.com) and indulge in some of the things this place does best. First, we hit the ranch’s bar which is backed by an enormous window that perfectly frames the absolute best view of the Teton Mountains to be found at any hotel or resort in the Jackson, Wyoming area. From that vantage point we watch the sunset—swimming-pool-size martinis in hand—then amble downstairs to the ranch’s Granary restaurant for more breathtaking views and the best elk we’ve ever tasted.

By checkout time, we are two happy cowhands. But right now it’s time to get into our trusty Silverado and hit to trail to Montana.
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