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Calgary, Alberta to Banff National Park, Canada   07/17/06 (Day 83)
A Different Kind of Rockies

Our very first notes about our very first impressions of Banff National Park read: “Breathtaking. Truly a mountain paradise.” Even in the sobriety of hindsight, we do not take one single tipsy word back.

But we almost didn’t get there at all. Useful as they are, GPS devices like the two that we’re traveling with, are not without their quirks. For example, if you tell your GPS to find you a route, but select the “avoid toll roads” command,  it will likely take you the long way around Park entrances, which it registers as toll points since you generally have to pay to get in.

That’s how we ended up on a dirt logging road outside Canmore, British Columbia on a painfully slow back route into Banff National Park.

This might have been a perfectly fine adventurous detour except that we are rendezvousing with Karen’s parents, who are driving up from California to join us on the Trans-Americas Journey for a week, in the park. So we turn the GPS off, open up the map, head back to the highway and arrive in Banff just in time to check into the Fairmont Banff  Springs Hotel (read Karen's review of the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel for iTraveliShop.com).
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