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Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada  08/03/06 (Day 100)
How're We Doing So Far?

We celebrate our first 100 days on the road by hiking up a mountain to the highest elevation we’ve climbed to on the trip to date. But first we stroll around and above Banff National Park’s famous Lake Louise on one of the guide Mountain Heritage Program hikes at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.  

As with most group guided hikes, these walks won’t push you to a personal best. But if you want a little learning with your walking, the hotel’s program is a winner—especially if your guide is Mike. Imagine Jim Carey with a naturalist degree and years spent as a Parks Canada Warden and you’ve just about nailed Mike.

When we reach our guided hike destination at the Tea House at Lake Agnes, Mike casually mentions to us that there’s an attainable peak directly above where we are standing, then he hands us a Toblerone and sends us on our way. The climb is spectacular, as the trail weaves its way across rocky slopes and in and out of patches of scrubby forest that eventually disappears as we break through the tree line and zigzag further up until we reach the 8,692’ summit of Mount St. Piran.

On the windy, rocky top we munch down the Toblerone and take in the views of Mount LeFroy and other craggy nearby peaks.

Happy 100-day birthday to us!

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