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Fort Smith to Samba Deh Falls Territorial Park, NW Territories  08/23/06 (Day 118)
Desperate Measures

The super straight roads around here can lull you into a 120 km per hour trance—at one point on the Highway 1 our Navman icn 530 GPS gizmo says our next turn is in 95 miles. Because of the runway-like nature of the road, everyone seems to drive down the middle of it—and by everyone, we mean the three or four other vehicles we encounter in a 10 hour day of driving.

We turn onto the all-dirt Liard Highway and begin kicking up a clouds of dust you could probably see from space. We haven’t seen a clean car in weeks, including our own. But the real problem is that the powder-fine dust is getting into the cap and bed of the truck where all our gear is. Some days more than an inch of dust accumulates in there.

In a creative attempt to combat this, we meticulously applying thick, white, self-adhesive weather stripping around all the seals at the back of the bed, tail gate and cap. Nothing is an effective defense against the mosquitoes at our campsite in Samba Deh Falls Territorial Park, so we make a smoky fire, wolf down some dinner and retreat to the relative safety of our tent.
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