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Watson Lake to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory   08/28/06 (Day 125)
Yes, We Have No Pie

Don’t ask us why, but as we head north out of Watson Lake every single establishment—from gas stations to campgrounds to shoe stores to bars—seems to bake and sell pies. Even The Milepost makes mention of this Canadian phenomenon. With our mouths watering (pie is one of those things that can inspire an instant craving), we head out for a taste test.

Our first scheduled stop is at the Continental Divide Lodge, but as we get close enough to read the sign we can see that is says “Closed”. On to the Swift River Lodge, which is open but has no pie. This is what we get for driving the Alaska Highway so late in the season, we think dejectedly to ourselves as our stomach rumble crankily.

About an hour later we pull into Dawson Peaks Resort & RV Park (which has a lovely location right on a lake, by the way) but as we park the truck we notice a big sign that says, you guessed it, “No Pie”. We go in anyway, resigned to settling for some lesser pastry product, and as we walk in the woman behind the register asks us to hold on a sec’ since she has to go take a cherry pie out of the oven!

It turns out to have been made with canned fruit and the crust is not as flaky as we’d hoped, but it’s pie nonetheless and we eat every bite.
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