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Fairbanks, AK  09/30/06 (Day 158)
Rock and Roll Will Never Die

It’s Oktoberfest so we follow the locals to the Silver Gulch Brewing and Bottling Co. in Fox, Alaska, a dozen miles outside of Fairbanks, for some really great beer ($4 a pint) and awesome Aurora Borealis viewing. There’s even an oompah band in special from Anchorage.

Northern Lights viewing is at its peak in this area in September and October thanks to a perfect combination of high aurora activity, clear skies, lack of city lights and moderate weather. We snag a spot behind the brewery near their huge wood-burning stove made out of a vertically-installed cement truck mixing cylinder and this keeps us warm enough to enjoy the show.

Even though it’s barely a week past the Autumnal Equinox, everyone is wishing each other a good winter as if they all might begin hibernating any minute and not see each other again until spring. Hey, it could happen.

We eventually leave the Silver Gulch and head across the street to the Howling Dog Saloon for a show of a different kind. For $3 we are treated to the first live music we’ve seen in months. While the band’s name, Sweating Honey, still makes us vaguely nauseas the music is just what the doctor ordered. So is the very cool crowd and the even cooler guy we meet who buys us shots of Patron.

It’s 4 am before we get back to our [email protected] trailer in the Santa Land RV Park in North Pole, AK outside Fairbanks. Good night, indeed.

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