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Ketchikan, AK to Bellingham, WA 11/01-03/06 (Day 190-192)
A 37 Hour Tour

We board the MV Kennicott for our final journey on the Alaska Marine Highway from Ketchikan to Bellingham, Washington where we will have to say goodbye to Alaska after almost three months in the state.

To sustain us on this longest leg of our AMH journey (roughly one and a half days and more than 650 miles), we come armed with a tub of pre-made pasta (even though the ferry cafeteria food is generally tasty and affordable) plus plenty of reading material (even though the ferry’s theater will be showing both The DaVinci Code and Over The Hedge during the voyage).

One on-board perk we do take advantage of is the ferry bar special: $2.50 Alaska Brewing Company draughts, including their seasonal Winter Ale which is made with the spicy tips of spruce tree boughs. Only in Alaska.

Since leaving Haines we’ve traveled almost 1,200 miles on Alaska Marine Highway ferries which we’ve come to know so well they almost feel like home. We feel similarly about Alaska which has earned a spot on the top of our Must-Visit-Again list. Knowing that we’ll be back someday takes some (but not all) of the sting out of leaving. For more reasons to visit Alaska read the Alaska’s Secret Season story we did for National Geographic Adventure.
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