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Whidbey Island, WA  11/05-07/06 (Day 194-196)
Island Time

It’s been pouring ever since we arrived in Bellingham, Washington and with no end to the soaking in sight, we flee to nearby Whidbey Island where watching storms roll in is exciting and beautiful, not soggy and depressing.

Even in the clouds and rain the back roads from Bellingham to Whidbey Island are gorgeous. Here, at least, the rain seems to have a purpose—ie, nourishing the deep, dark Northwest forests and all the crops planted along the way. Speaking of crops, we realize we’re hungry just as we pass a promising-looking (no English, long line) taco truck parked just off the road. We make a U-turn and join the lunch crowd,  exercising the modicum of Spanish we’ve managed to absorb from the Pimsleur language courses we’ve been half-heartedly listening to in preparation for our eventual journey into Central and South America.

Once in the town of Langley we resist the antique shops and adorable gourmet food stores on main street and head straight for the Inn at Langley where the lovely woman at the front desk tells us we just missed a pod of orcas in water right in front of the inn.

With visions of killer whales dancing in our heads, we check into our huge duplex cottage, fling open every curtain and grab the binoculars which the inn knowingly provides. What we end up watching are billowy, balletic storm clouds rolling in and rain drops tap dancing across the Saratoga Passage directly outside our wall of windows.

We tear ourselves away in time to make our dinner reservation at The Chef’s Dining Table at the inn where a six course meal, humbly described by chef Matt Costello as “Northwest Supper,” is served (read Karen’s full review of the Inn at Langley for iTraveliShop.com).

The next day we stroll around charming “downtown” Langley, which manages to be quaint without being cloying. But mostly we keep coming back to our gorgeous cottage and fighting over the binoculars so we can continue our Orca watch from the homey, plush living room or the jetted tub for two with a view.

What’s that smell? It’s us! We’re officially spoiled rotten.

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