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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada  11/10-18/06 (Day 199-207)
Lists are Lazy...

…and, right now, so are we so here’s a week in Vancouver boiled down to our top 5 happenings. Take it or leave it.

#1 Celebrating the arrival of the newest member of our friends’ family (welcome Lucy!).

# 2 Putting the first dent in our truck courtesy of a pole in a tiny underground downtown parking garage. Between the insane traffic, rampant road closures and tiny garages Vancouver is literally hell on wheels.

# 3 Stumbling into the middle of filming for who-knows-which installment in the Fantastic Four movie series which uses Vancouver as a stand-in for New York City complete with fake (in more ways than one) subway entrances on the sidewalks. Note to producers: There is no subway stop at 27th Street and 8th Avenue and even if there were you would not be able to catch the B, D or N trains there since they don’t run down 8th avenue. Just so you know.

# 4 Dinner at Restaurant Connor Butler where chef Connor Butler—part scowling rocker (he loves Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, was briefly in a band and describes the bordello-meets-antique-store décor of his restaurant as “heavy mettle”), part pedigreed chef (he’s worked in respected Canadian kitchens including C, Pearl on the Rock and the Wedgewood Hotel), part shameless show-off (his dishes are all Versace and the cutlery is all antique silver)—whips up a roller coaster ride of an 11 course “Surprise” tasting menu. Connor and his food are certainly not for everyone but he can’t fit everyone into his 38 seat restaurant anyway, nor, we suspect, does he want to.

# 5 A desperately needed dose of awesome music from Mike Dillon’s GoGo Jungle at the Orpheum Theater. Percussionist Mike Dillon, who knows exactly what to do with drums, vibraphones, cymbals and anything else you can get a beat out of, is in a whole gang of bands including Malachy Papers, Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade, Garage a Trois and Critters Buggin', and he never disappoints. Basically, we’d go listen to Mike bang two pots together, he’s that talented. Mike’s newest band (GoGo Jungle) puts on a show that’s just what the doctor ordered for our live-music-starved souls. Inexplicably, no one gets up out of their seats to dance except us—that is until an usher actually comes over and tells us to sit down. What’s up Canadians?
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