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Yosemite National Park, CA  01/19-21/07 (Day 269-271)
Snow, Sweat and Squeaks

We collect Karen’s sister and whisk her off to Yosemite National Park for a long weekend of playing outdoors. The snow is in short supply but we don’t let that stop us—we just drive up to the highest point in the park and find enough of the white stuff to strap on our Atlas Snowshoes and head out into a crystal clear day.

In case you didn’t now, snowshoeing is hard and it’s not long before we’re peeling off layers and even my gym-going, super-fit, strong-as-heck sister is looking at me like this is nuts. Fun, but nuts.

Late in the afternoon we return to our little box in the Curry Cabins complex, exhausted but happy. Poor old Curry Cabins have seen better days  and the park is slowly working on them but ours is pretty grungy and, as we discover later that night, full of mice!

Even more disturbing than little furry visitors in the night is the fact that a picture on the wall of the cabin disappears while we’re out one day, despite the fact that it was nailed to the wall. And way more disturbing than mice or vanishing wall candy is the fact that the black bears in Yosemite Valley no longer hibernate. A ranger tells us that the constant flow of human visitors—and their garbage and food left in cars and other no-no’s—provide the bears with enough easy food to stick it out through the winter.
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