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SPOT MAP - Where Are We Now?

Welcome to our LIVE SPOT satellite map.   

Our SPOT Messenger is on whenever we're driving, unless of course Eric forgets to turn it on. When the SPOT is on, it sends a message with our GPS coordinates up to a satalite every 10-20 minutes, and viola, that message is then shown right here in REAL TIME. 

This map shows where we've driven over the past 7 days. As I said, it's live, so if we're on the road just refresh & you can see where we're heading and our progress. Though we drive an aweful lot, we're obviously not always driving, so you may not always see current updates. 

The icons with numbers show each time our SPOT messenger has checked-in. Click on the icon and you can see the date, time and coordinates of the check-in. You can do all the same things you can do with any Google map -- move around, zoom in or out, change from road map to a terrain map, to a satellite map.  Best of all you can make the map full screen and zoom right in, maybe you'll see us in the satelite map view.

See a larger version of this map.

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