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iTraveliShop.com   July 6, 2006
Trans-Americas Journey Kicks Off

Let's talk about Trans-Americas. No, we don't mean the gender bender film starring Felicity Huffman, but the fabulous journey that is the brainchild of journalist Karen Catchpole and her photographer husband Eric Mohl. The duo has decided to do what many of us dream about doing: they quit their jobs, hopped in a car and will be seeing where the road takes them. Armed with a brand new Chevrolet Silverado, Catchpole (a former editor at Shop Etc. magazine as well as the late, great Sassy) and Mohl (a lawyer in his former life) have just begun a two to three year, 70,000+ mile road trip through all 23 countries in the Western Hemisphere, from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego. They're chronicling their journey on their website, and so far they've hit New Orleans, the Mississippi Delta and Hill country, as well as the Indianapolis 500. We love this photo they took of the Shack Up Inn, the oldest B&B (that's bed and beer) in Mississippi. Check out their ever changing stats page too; so far they've spotted184 red barns with silos, four mini golf courses and five taxidermy shops.


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