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EXPEDITION NEWS   October 2008
Airstream Sponsors Trans-Americas Journey
Imagine leaving behind a successful corporate law career and chasing your dream of traveling every day with no itinerary and obligations, and documenting each step of the way. That's exactly what former lawyer turned photographer Eric Mohl, 42, and his journalist wife Karen Catchpole, 42, both formerly of New York, did when they set off in 2006 on their four-year, 150,000+ mile road trip which will take them through North, Central and South America. Now, almost two years into what they dubbed the Trans-Americas Journey, the adventurers are bringing an Airstream along for the ride.

During their journey over past 22 months and more than 80,000 miles, Catchpole and Mohl's sleeping quarters have been varied and cramped. Pitching tents or living in motels was starting to get old. This summer, the duo was thrilled to take delivery of a 2008 Airstream 23-foot aluminum Safari Special Edition trailer that will take a little "rough" out of roughing it as they continue their travels.

So far the Trans-Americas team has been on the road traveling around North America, visiting all but five states, most of Canada and even reaching the Arctic Ocean, while blogging about their adventures at www.trans-americas.com. They will enter Mexico in November and then begin the Central and South American legs of the journey over the coming two years.
Expedition News
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