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Do you love our little celebration of freedom, exploration, trucks and backroads? Us too. And now, more then ever, we need the support of every Trans-Americas Journey fan to help us continue our epic road trip. After Chevrolet's unexpected withdrawal of sponsorship we were forced to buy our own replacement truck, a substantial expense which we had not budgeted for. Your donations will help us overcome this financial hit so our journey can continue on its way.

Any and all donations will be gratefully accepted.

For larger donations, we are offering these additional thank-yous:

$150-$249 you get a Trans-Americas Journey coffee mug
$250-$349 you get a Trans-Americas Journey short sleeve t-shirt or tank top of your choice
$350-$499 you get an 8"x12" print of any photo in the online Photo Galleries
$500-$999 you get a limited edition signed 12"x18" print of any photo in the online Photo Galleries
$1,000-$2,999 you get 3 limited edition signed 12"x18" prints of any photos in the online Photo Galleries
$3,000 or more you get to spend up to 5 days traveling with us on the Trans-Americas Journey (personal travel expenses to be incurred by you) when we pass through the North, Central or South American destination of your choice (Karen may even let you ride in the passenger seat)
$10,000 we'll name our new truck after you!


You can donate the old-fashioned way by sending us a check. Please contact us at for our mailing address.

Or click below for the high-tech donation option:


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