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Karen Catchpole & Eric Mohl - Trans-Americas Journey

We are award-winning travel journalist Karen Catchpole and photographer Eric Mohl and we have the skills, experience, passion for travel, expertise, and talent to tell your travel story like no one else can. Just ask Dell, Chevrolet, Airstream, Boiron and other clients.

Why Us?

Why Us?

The market is cluttered with “travel writers” offering their services, but none comes with our unique combination of proven storytelling skills in both traditional and new media.

In addition to producing our own Trans-Americas Journey travel blog, we’ve been professional freelance journalists for decades and our work has been published by Afar, Departures, Delta Sky, Travel+Leisure, National Geographic Traveler, the Wall Street Journal Magazine, National Geographic Adventure, Outside, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Woman’s Day, Elle, American Cowboy Magazine, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, The Dallas Morning News, BBC Travel, CNN Travel, Roads and Kingdoms, New Worlder, Luxury Latin America, and many more top travel publications. We also contributed to the Maya 2012 Guide to Celebrations in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize & Honduras which was published by Moon Travel Guides.

Our work for you will benefit from our decades of experience at the top of the US publishing industry and will reflect the highest levels of quality, creativity, and professionalism. You can see our full portfolio of published freelance work in our online portfolio and on our Published Work page. We welcome you to learn more about who we are and what the Trans-Americas Journey is all about and see what the media has to say about us.

Publications our work has apeared in
Publications our work has apeared in

What We Deliver

  • Compelling content creation (text and images) for marketing materials (real world and digital), websites, ads (real world and digital), social media campaigns, pamphlets, trade show items, and more
  • Brand ambassadors expertly representing and demonstrating your travel destination, brand, product, or service and telling the world about it
  • Photo bank creation – let us deliver the product or destination images you’ve always dreamed of having
  • Aerial video footage shot using our drone to showcase your hotel, tour destination, city, or attraction from a new and exciting angle
  • Design and content for dedicated blogs that showcase the best your country, city, hotel, or attraction has to offer in magazine quality words and images
  • Custom publications – it’s like having an entire top shelf travel magazine devoted exclusively to your travel brand, product, service, or destination
  • Press/blogger trip coordination, from invitees to itinerary
  • Digital marketing and social media consulting and training to maximize the pull of your online presence
  • Website creation or overhaul to ensure your site is putting your best face forward
Eric Mohl Paquime Mx

Client Testimonials

Chevrolet hired us to find trucks and owners across the US to feature in the company’s 200,000 Mile Club promotion   (press release)

Airstream hired us to create their first official stand-alone travel blog

“Karen and Eric were excellent to work with. Good solid writing and photography that brought great interest and energy to our endeavor. They are the epitome of professional and were a great representative of our brand. Character, class and integrity. They have my highest recommendation.”
– Doug Froh, former marketing manager for Airstream

Boiron hired us to create videos, contests, and blog posts that showed their holistic wellness products in the context of adventure travel

“The Trans-Americas Journey team provided us with creative marketing and promotional materials for two of our top products (Arnicare and Oscillo). They supplied us with engaging content and rich photos for a unique interactive web-based six-week travel contest for consumers. They also provided detailed editorial content via their website and produced high quality videos of their travels that seamlessly integrated our products. We enjoyed working with Karen and Eric and appreciated their genuine support and enthusiasm for our medicines. It showed in their writing and warmly captured images of mature, active travel.”
– Deborah Kelly, public relations manager, Boiron

The owners of Bali Rica Casitas in Costa Rica hired us to re-invent their website and grow their business

“Though we already had a website in place, it did not do justice to our beautiful property. To our fortune, Karen and Eric worked their magic and made a new site, added beautiful photos, improved the copy and it is now a website which we get constant compliments on.”
– Sharon and Mac McIver, owners, Bali Rica Casitas

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What Tourism Professionals Say About Our Work

“As a Costa Rican hotelier and a pioneer in deluxe sustainable travel I am a bit jaded, having seen literally hundreds of travel specialists, journalists, writers, bloggers and consultants, and so I carried more than a bit of cynicism. What sets Karen and Eric apart is their profound delving into the culture, language and details of the destinations they traveled to, and their ability to combine it all through an uncanny symbiosis between the written descriptions which are painted and illuminated with brilliant photography. Theirs was a nuanced discovery of the sum of the details, which transcended normal travel writing. Not since the days of the brilliant writer Eliot Weinberger and photographer Nina Subin have I seen such subtle, yet spot on descriptions coupled with beautiful, personal and quirky photos that bring into view much more than just a snapshot. A feeling and sense of place is made contagious through Karen’s graceful and no-nonsense writing. I believe their posts about my hotel on their Trans-Americas Journey blog and within their freelance stories helped us to reach the core values of our potential clients. Reading about our hotel they could almost taste the coffee and feel the refreshing breezes of the highlands of Costa Rica.  We would welcome more coming from this duo and their incomparable style.”
– Glenn Jampol, president and owner, Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Resort

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl on an array of different projects over the years, including an expedition cruise to Antarctica. Karen and Eric generated a number of great stories about their Antarctic trip including a syndicated newspaper story, a second US newspaper feature and several posts on their Trans-Americas Journey travel blog. I am excited to work with Karen and Eric again moving forward.”
– Adam York, Sublime Public Relations

“I worked with Karen and Eric on an ongoing basis when they were reporting about Mexico. They covered several hotels that were part of the Mexico Boutique Hotels group through stories on their Trans-Americas Journey travel blog and within their freelance work. They were dedicated, responsible and creative and their coverage brought the hotels to life and exposed them to new guests in new markets. They represent the most professional end of the travel journalism spectrum and I’d work with them again any time.”
– Sylvie Laitre, former director, Mexico Boutique Hotels

Karen Catchpole working Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

What Readers Say About Our Work

“I leave this Friday for El Paso and the Copper Canyon – my bucket-list dream come true!  I’m very excited and kind of proud that I actually pulled this together and it was all thanks to your article in the North Shore News.  I just thought you’d like to know that what you do changes lives so keep on travelling and keep on writing.” – Brenda McEwan

“I am about to leave for the Yucatan and Chiapas… thanks to reading your Trans-Americas Journey travel blog I will be well-prepared!” – Heike Herbert

“I saw your Trans-Americas Journey travel blog post about San Jose, Costa Rica some weeks ago and really loved it. I have been living in San Jose for 2.5 years and thanks to you I found out about Roller Derby here which I had never heard about before. I just joined Panties Dinamita!” – Kathrin Müller

Awards and Accolades

  • Were inaugural members of the elite Lonely Planet Featured Bloggers program until the cessation of the program in 2014

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