Day 113 of our Journey

After a little scheduled maintenance of our truck at Browns’ Chevy in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada, we couldn’t resist the pull of one of the most iconic roads in North America, the Alaska Highway.

Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada marks the official beginning (or ending) point of the iconic Alaska Highway.

With everything looking ship shape (thanks, Browns’ Chevy!), we drove into the center of Dawson Creek and found Mile Zero, the actual starting point of the epic Alaska Highway. Now that we’d found where the road begins, it was time to start heading for where it ends. Just don’t count on us to take the direct route.

Dawson Creek, British Columbia marks the official beginning (or ending) point of the Alaska Highway.

Even though we were ultimately headed into Canada’s Northwest Territories before picking up the Alaska Highway a little further down the line, we were unable to resist getting a taste of the iconic road from its very beginning. So we drove the first 40 miles (64 km) of the Alaska Highway before doubling back to Dawson Creek and heading into Alberta on our way up to the North West Territoies. We told you not to expect straight lines….

The official beginning (or ending) point of the Alaska Highway.

A few miles outside of Dawson Creek is the historic Kiskatinaw Bridge which is the last of the original wooden bridges on the Alaska Highway. A modern bridge now bypasses it but you can still drive this 534 foot (162 meter) bridge which curves nine degrees along its length.

An old mile-marker along the Alaska Highway.

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