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Street art comes in many forms and as we explored the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Argentina we realized that this city has it all from giant murals to tiny paste-ups. In this photo essay, we present some of the best examples of classic street art in Buenos Aires–discovered during long walks in search of it and, in some cases, by pure chance–from artists including Campos Jesses, K2man, Reny Vega, Detour, Pol, ICE, and many others.

Classic street art in Buenos Aires

Here are some of our favorite examples of classic street art–from whimsical to hyper-realistic to impressionistic–in Buenos Aires.

Martin Ron classic street art in buenos aires

Artist Martín Ron has done many works around Buenos Aires, usually in this photorealistic style and on a grand scale (this is small work for him).

amy frida street art Campos Jesses

Amy Winehouse and Frida Kahlo by artist Campos Jesses.

K2man classic street art buenos aires

Fantastical creatures are a signature theme in the work of artist K2man.

mermaid street art buenos aires

Whimsical women from artist Reny Vega.

street art recoleta cultural center

Street art on the facade of the Recoleta Cultural Center changes frequently. We took the photo on the left in November of 2022 and the photo on the right was taken in April of 2019.

Gualicho street art buenos aires

Top by artist Gualicho and bottom by artist Yaqui Melhem.

detour303 street art Buenos aires

Left by US street artist Detour and Pol,  middle by Detour and Pyramid, and right by Leti Bonetti and rodmaztattt.

uasen street art buenos aires

Left by artist Uasen and right by artist KENI (Martin Agazzi).

animal street art buenos aires

Top right by artist INDIGO ARS, top left by artist Maese Warrior, and bottom by artist ICE.

bird street art buenos aires

Left by artist Ren1, middle by artist unknown, and right by artist Paul Mericle.

nomada guache street art buenos aires

The street art scene in Buenos Aires draws artists from around the world including Colombian artists Nomada (left) and Guache (right).

entes pesimo street art buenos aires

Clockwise: work from artist Triangulo Dorado, work from Peruvian artists Entes y Pesimo, and from artists Paula Tikay and Aner.

urban art buenos aires

Artists unknown.

buenos aires urban art

Left-by artist Gonzalo Prieto, middle by artist NASA, and right by artist HolaBosque.

buenos aires street art

Artists unknown.

alice in wonderland street art buenos aires

Left by artist Celine Hitier and right by artist Dame Morales.

Milu Correch street art buenos aires

By artist Milu Correch.

el marion kno street art buenos aires

Left and right by artist El Marian and KNO, middle by artist El Marian.

Mabel Vicentef street art buenos aires

Left by artist unknown, and right by artist Mabel Vicentef.

murals street art buenos aires

Upper left by artist unknown, upper right by artist Aruma bottom left by artist Milles, and bottom right by artist unknown. 

Fio Silva Die Dixon street art buenos aires

Left by German artist Die Dixons and Argentine artist Flo Silva, right by Fio Silva.

perla keso street art buenos aires

Left by artist Morazul and right by artists Perlazone and Andrés Keso.

whales street art buenos aires

Top and bottom left by artists unknown, bottom right by artist Kiptoe.

street art buenos aires

Left by artist Diego Roa and right by artist Flor Zac.

changing street art buenos aires

An intriguing characteristic of street art is the way enduring works change through the years. We photographed these works in April of 2019 (left) and again in November of 2022.

calle lanin art in buenos aires

In 1990, artist Marino Santa María transformed the exterior of his home on Calle Lanín, a small cobblestone lane in the Barracas neighborhood. Neighbors soon invited him to transform their homes as well and, with the help of the Buenos Aires city government, the Museo de Bellas Artes, and UNESCO, the work was extended to cover 35 houses over two blocks on Calle Lanin.

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