Every year, devils and other over-the-top caricatures, take over the town of Píllaro, Ecuador during the first week of January to ring in the New Year. Thousands of costumed participants come to the town along with thousands more spectators to take part in an ancient tradition that has evolved into a multi-day street party known as the La Diablada festival. The most elaborate costumes and masks can cost hundreds of dollars and the best mask makers are in high demand. As with all festivals and large gatherings around the world, be vigilant about your belongings. Twenty dollars was lifted out of one of Eric’s pockets while he was shooting the photos and video for this post.

devil dance ecuador

devil dance pillaro ecuador

Diablada de Pillaro

Diablada de Pillaro

La Diablada de Pillaro

Los Diablos de Pillaro Ecuador

Diablada festival Ecuador

band- Diablada Pillaro Ecuador

Los Diablos de Pillaro

La Diablada de Pillaro Ecuador

New year's devil dance Ecuador

devil dance pillaro

Diablada festival Pillaro Ecuador

Pillaro ecuador diablada

Diablada de Pillaro Ecuador

Experience the music and dancing of the La Diablada New Year festival celebrations in Píllaro, Ecuador in our video, below.


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