We’ve missed most of the Lady Gaga phenomenon so far, however, her single Alejandro has proven inescapable here in Mexico where radio stations play the single and its many remixes mercilessly. Alejandro isn’t exactly a lyrically complicated song, but there is a reference to “hot like Mexico” and one line in Spanish in the Alejandro song lyrics. Some djs are reverential about the song and others mock Gaga’s pronunciation but they play the song nonetheless and now we can’t get the damn thing out of our heads.

Ale-ale-jandro! Ale-ale-jandro!

Apparently, Lady Gaga chose Alejandro as the third single off  her album The Fame Monster all by herself and the racy video (which we just saw this week) was directed by fashion photographer Steven Klein. The nun get-up, the gay couples, and the general bumping and grinding reminded us how much we have to thank Madonna (another Steven Klein favorite) for.

It also reminded us that one of the reasons we love Mexico is that it can get behind a song and a video like this and still be super-Catholic. Perhaps that’s why it’s called pop culture.



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