Our time in Merida was book-ended by stays at two extraordinary—and very different— haciendas that have been turned into luxury hotels.

Rosas & Xoclate Boutique Hotel in a converted hacienda in Merida, Mexico.

A hip hacienda hotel

Rosas & Xocolate (pronounced chocolate) on Paseo de Montejo was created inside the stately bones of a colonial mansion. It’s an architectural fantasy—all angles and contrasts and color (mostly pink). For more, read our full review of Rosas & Xocolate for iTraveliShop.com.

Historic hallways at Hacienda Xcanatun near Merida, Mexico.

A historic hacienda hotel

Hacienda Xcanatun is also an architectural wonder, but of a different kind. A few minutes north of Merida, this luxury retreat hides out inside a lovingly preserved and historic sisal factory—found, unearthed and re-built by the son of one of Mexico’s most famous and accomplished archaeologists. Read more about the romantic side of this hotel in our piece about Hacienda Xcanatun for iTraveliShop.com.

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