Our latest published travel stories include a syndicated newspaper feature about the best ways to travel in the Mundo Maya in Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala now that the world didn’t end along with the Mayan long count calendar (told you so).

Mundo Maya Toronto Sun

We also produced a feature about Ometepe Island in Nicaragua for the Minneapolis Star Tribune in which we tell you all about the island’s emerging farm to table cuisine and some truly innovative new adventure activities.

travel Ometepe Island Nicaragua

In addition, we’ve also recently become contributors to TheLatinKitchen.com (a digital spin-off of Latina magazine) which gives us a great new home for expanded coverage of the food and beverages we enjoy during our Trans-Americas Journey, including this piece about the best microbrews in Central America (now the beer lovers are paying attention).

Visit our Travel Features page and our Hotel Reviews page any time to see all of our freelance travel stories in one place.

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