What started in 2019 as a one-off, short-term, open-air art installation on a rolling piece of land in Paso Robles, California proved so popular that it’s now an annual event. Originally called Field of Light at Sensorio, the brainchild of artist Bruce Munro (who has created similar large-scale light-based works elsewhere) is now called Light at Sensorio following the installation of new towers of light generated by putting the artist’s signature fiber-optic lights into empty wine bottles which is fitting in this wonderful central coast wine region. This newly expanded outdoor art extravaganza is open to the public now through September 5, 2022.

Here are our favorite shots from Light at Sensorio in Paso Robles, California.

sensorio pano

The massive light installation is made up of nearly 60,000 solar-powered fiber-optic “flowers” that change color.

sensorio field of light paso robles

As the sun begins to set the fiber-optic lights appear to be white, but that soon changes.

bruce munro sensorio

Pro tip: Arrive at the start of your reserved time slot so that you can be on-site in the dusky hours so you can enjoy and photograph the installation while there’s still some ambient light in the sky before full darkness.

sensorio paso robles

More than 145,000 people visited the installation in its first season.

paso robles field of light

The Light at Sensorio installation covers 15 acres.

bruce munro light sensorio

Light at Sensorio is British artist Bruce Munro’s largest international installation to date and his first in the United States.

sensorio light towers

The new Towers of Light installation includes 69 six-foot-tall towers.

field of light bruce munro

The fiber-optic lights change color in time to classical music.

sensorio bruce munro paso robles

Walking paths wind through the light-filled sloping land with benches along the way.

field of light Sensorio paso robles

It takes more than 300 miles of cable to operate all those fiber-optic lights.

field of light

Nighttime temperatures in Paso Robles can dip even in summer, so bring layers for this outdoor experience.

sensorio lights paso robles

The walking path through the Light at Sensorio installation covers about a half-mile, but you’ll likely walk around a few times so wear comfortable shoes.

paso robles ca sights

More than 20 workers spent six weeks installing the original Field of Light at Sensorio.

light at sensorio

This installation is in the middle of a premier Central California wine region and local wine is sold along with food.

field of light sensorio

The fiber-optic flowers have a soothing, almost hypnotic effect as they pulse and change color.

bruce munro light art sensorio paso robles

Though you know that the field of flowers is the product of technology, it does seem to be alive at times.

bruce munro field of light

Light at Sensorio has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Paso Robles, California.

sensorio lights

VIP tick­ets include access to an elevated ter­race with seat­ing, restrooms, an Airstream bar, fire­side tables, heaters, and views over the exhi­bi­tion.

paso robles tourist attractions

Each of the 69 Towers of Light contains 252 wine bottles filled with fiber-optic lights…

bruce munro light towers

…–that’s 17,388 wine bottles in total.


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