A big part of the point of our Trans-Americas Journey (yes, there’s a point) is our goal of driving from the Arctic (check) to Tierra Del Fuego (working on it) and back again–stopping everywhere in between.For years we’ve dreamed of hopping on a boat to Antarctica once our road trip finally reaches Ushuaia, Argentina at the bottom of South America where the road pretty much ends and where most Antarctic trips depart from. Since, at the (slow) rate we’re going, it’ll still be years before our road trip reaches Ushuaia, this dream has been something to look forward to–a very large prize at the southern-most point of a very large road trip.

Well, surprise!

The opportunity has come up to realize that dream sooner than we’d dared hope. On November 7 (yes, of THIS year) we’ll be boarding the Antarctic Dream for a 10 day trip to Antarctica. Penguins! Icebergs! More icebergs! Really puffy coats!  That damned Drake Passage! We will, of course, be covering the whole experience in newspaper stories and blog posts.

We’ll also be announcing some very exciting and exclusive opportunities for friends, fans and followers of the Trans-Americas Journey, so if getting to the 7th continent your dream too, stay tuned to find out how you can join us!

photos courtesy of Antarctic Shipping SA

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