Sprinkled throughout Mexico are charming old towns that have met official government standards that qualify them as Pueblos Magicos or magic towns. We’ve visited quite a few of them and they’re always a pleasure with quiet streets, traditional architecture, welcoming town squares, and a pristine small town feel.  The Pueblo Magico of Mazamitla did not disappoint. Well, maybe just a little.

Mazamitla has an unusual and fanciful church.

Mazamitla has an unusual and fanciful church.

A touch of taco disappointment in Mazamitla

Our Lonely Planet guide to Mexico assured us that the best tacos in the world were to be found in Mazamitla.

The quite streets of Mazamitla.

Cobblestone streets are charming to look at but sort of a pain to walk or drive on if you want to know the truth.

Unfortunately, the market area where the taco stand in question was located, was torn down right before we arrived so we wasted a whole day trying to find where the taco stand had re-located to, but by the time we found it the stand was closing for the day.

Meat anyone?

Putting the “meat’ in Mazamitla…

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