Yes we’re out here to try new things and have adventures and go to far flung places. However, we believe there’s a line between intrepid travel and reckless travel and we do what we can not to cross that line.

This means reducing unnecessary risk whenever possible and being prepared to handle the risks we can’t avoid. We purify water with our SteriPEN. We secure our valuables with a whole range of Pacsafe anti-theft packs and locking systems. We protect our truck with Amsoil synthetic lubricants and we’ve armed it with a Mile Marker recovery winch and high-powered PIAA auxiliary lights. Our full arsenal of Adventure Medical Kits takes care of scrapes, bites and bruises.

But no matter how safe we try to be, serious accidents and illness can still happen and that’s when medical evacuation insurance comes in. We’re excited (and relieved) to announce the newest Trans-Americas Journey team member: On Call International.


They’ve supplied us with Extended Stay emergency medical evacuation coverage  which will ensure that we get to the hospital of our choice for the best care possible no matter where or when medical trouble strikes. Bottom of the Copper Canyon? No problem. Amazon river? Yep. Galapagos Islands? No sweat.

On Call International has 7 million members and provides assistance 24/7  365 days a year. Last year they received more than 273,000 calls from members and handled almost 1,500 evacuations (this number really surprised us).

They also fielded 1,700 calls to their unique nurse helpline which is staffed by US-licensed English speaking nurses who provide immediate medical advice and assessment on the phone. If we’re someplace where local medical care isn’t available or isn’t very desirable this service can help us determine how urgent our situation really is.

We have been incredibly lucky over the first three years of our Journey with nothing more serious than upset stomachs and head colds afflicting us and we have every reason to believe (and hope) that our good health will continue–particularly now that we don’t have to worry about what would happen if we’re wrong!

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