Sure, we could plaster our travel blog with annoying pop-up ads, banner ads, and clumsy sponsored links, but we don’t. We’d rather focus on providing digital travel content that doesn’t suck. But we can’t live on good intentions. That’s why we’re so excited about Patreon.

An easy way to support the stuff you like

Unlike Kickstarter, which asks for lump sums that are used toward overall projects, Patreon lets you choose a level of support (from as little as 25 cents) to be put toward a specific creation. In our case, individual travel blog posts.

Patreon-whiteYou pick the support level and each month Patreon automatically bills you for the content we’ve produced during the previous month. For example, we generally publish 4-5 posts per month. If you and your big heart choose to support us at US$1 per post you can expect to be automatically charged for US$4 to US$5 a month from Patreon. That might not sound like much (two lattes, for example), but we can produce a lot of good stuff with that extra support.

Becoming a patron

If you like the words and pictures on our Trans-Americas Journey travel blog please check out our brand new Patreon Creator page. Just click the “Become a Patron” button on the upper right-hand side to see how fast, easy, and secure it is to become a patron of the Trans-Americas Journey.

Your Patreon support of our travel blog will help us stay on the road and continue to produce professional digital travel content about independent adventures in the Americas and meet other stated goals including being able to resume our carbon offset program.

Did we mention our sweet incentives including custom prints of Eric’s photos and totally free personalized travel advice for our most generous patrons?

We are committed to keeping our website and travel blog ad-free. If you like what we’re doing and can give us some Patreon support of any kind we promise to use it to keep saying no to the pop-ups, banners, and links and keep saying yes to digital travel content that doesn’t suck.

If you’d prefer to just give one lump sum you can still contribute any amount you want to our Tip Jar.

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