One of the most striking features of Valparaiso, Chile is the city’s ubiquitous street art which was legalized as a form of political protest after the reign of dictator Agusto Pinochet (who was born in Valparaiso) ended in 1990. Today, the street art of Valparaiso covers all kinds of subject matter and it’s a big part of the personality of the city. This photo essay contains our very best images and favorite works of street art across this Pacific Coast port town. Get more reasons to visit this quirky, compelling city in our full post about Valparaiso, Chile.

Ella y Pitr street art Valparaiso

Artist: Ella & Pitr

Chilean street artist Teo Doro ode Vincent Van Gogh

Artist: Teo Doro (channeling Vicent Van Gogh)

Nicanor Parra street art Valparaiso

Subject: Nicanor Parra, noted Chilean poet, mathematician, and physicist.

Mr. Papillon Valparaiso street art

Artist: Mr. Papillon

Un Kolor Distinto Valparaiso street art

Artist: Jekse & Cines aka Un Kolor Distinto, founders of Valparaiso Street Art Tours

Valparaiso cityscape street art

We love this deamy version of Valparaiso street scenes including one of the antique buses that still run in the city.

Anis Coas Valparaiso street art

Artist: Anis & Coas

Artist: Crudo The caption beneath the cows and the golden arches reads “midnight junk food”. The sign reads “Buy the gringo dream it’s Rock and Roll!”.

Valparaiso un kolor distinto buildings

Artist: (left & right buildings) Jekse $ Cines aka Un Kolor Distinto, and (center) The Little Prince by Cata Boye Soto.

Get more reasons to visit this quirky, compelling city in our full post about travel to Valparaiso, Chile.


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