A diverse batch of our recent freelance travel stories includes a classic of modern North American literature, drinking hooch out of a canoe in Mexico, an enormous pottery house in Colombia, a track side vantage point for some drunken horse racing in Guatemala and more.

It’s hard to believe, but Karen had never read the ultimate ode to the road, Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road.” That changed with this assignment for Bio.com (the website for the Biography Channel) to explore all the ways in which “On the Road” is still able to inspire road trip fever.

Kerouac On the Road Bio.com

Our second piece for Roads and Kingdoms had us remembering slimy, sour balche, fermented in a wooden canoe the traditional way by the Lacandon people in Mexico.

Lacandon balche Roads & Kingdoms

Two pieces for Atlas Obscura take you to the “track” for an afternoon of drunken horse racing in Guatemala and inside a huge pottery house, perhaps the largest piece of pottery in the world, in Colombia.

Drunken Horse racing Guatemala


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