Mexico is blessed with dozens of small towns that have met the government’s strict standards and earned the right to be called Pueblos Magicos (magic towns0. If you’re only going to visit one Pueblo Magico we recommend Tapalpa. Here’s why.

The church in Tapalpa.

The church that anchors Tapalpa’s square.

Is this the best Pueblo Magico in Mexico?

Tapalpa is located about two hours from Guadalajara at an altitude that ensures cool weather even when Guadalajara is sweltering. Tapalpa is a compact town that still bustles with energy. It’s also absolutely clean, and gorgeous.

A fountain on the square in tapalpa filled with flowers

It’s not unusual for town squares to have fountains, however, the ones in Tapalpa were filled with cala lillies for extra beauty.

Tapalpa also has one of the best elote (corn) vendors we’ve come across in all of Mexico. Hiking trails to roaring waterfalls, a field of enormous boulders weirdly jumbled about and a charming nearby lake round out the picture.

Our dear friend Tom, Iliana, David & Christina who have allowed us to make their casa in Ajijic our casa, in Tapalpa's square.

We visited Tapalpa with our friends Tom, Iliana, David and Cristina.

A basket full of freshly picked pitalla which are the delicious and refreshing fruits that grow on the local cactus once a year. They're like a cross between a kiwi, a fig and a plum.

A basket of freshly picked pitaya  which are the delicious and refreshing fruits that grow on local cactus once a year. They’re like a cross between a kiwi, a fig, and a plum.

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